Lightweight Strength

Why Aluminum? 

Thanks to its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum is widely used in the construction of small- to mid-size commercial and military vessels. Durable, lightweight, and strong, aluminum is the perfect material for a workhorse boat. And yet it has largely been overlooked in the construction of pleasure craft. For ProJekt, aluminum is the ideal base for innovative craft that combine performance, aesthetics, and reliability.

In North America there are just a small number of builders and shipyards that offer high quality, finely finished aluminum boats and yachts, and Coastal Craft is a leader in this area. Through years of practice and innovation Coastal Craft has developed solutions to aluminum’s inherent challenges. These include developing paint and deck hardware application practises that ensure paint coatings maintain their integrity and beauty on aluminum as effectively as they do on fibreglass. The other major consideration is providing effective sound and thermal insulating barriers throughout the vessel. Engineered solutions for both these considerations have yielded overwhelmingly positive results. These proven techniques enable ProJekt Boatworks to produce the highest quality and finest finished aluminum sport fishing and yacht tender catamarans today.