ProJekt Boatworks

The ProJekt C-39. Yacht finished. All aluminum. An innovative new centre console sport fishing/yacht tender catamaran, available in Open or Cabin models.

ProJekt Boatworks is a collaboration between Coastal Craft Yachts and Jasper Marine. Over the past twenty-five years Coastal Craft has earned a reputation for producing innovative, high quality and finely finished aluminum boats and motor yachts up to 65′. And, since 2017, Jasper Marine has won accolades by producing creative and fresh new design ideas in aluminum boats. ProJekt Boatworks brings the best of both its parents to the market, producing exciting new aluminum boats that are backed by an industry-leading record of quality and customer satisfaction.

Yacht Systems

Proven Reliability

ProJekt Boatworks follows Coastal Craft’s best practises for producing electrical and mechanical systems that are meticulously executed and show careful consideration for access and serviceability. Like Coastal Craft, ProJekt selects only the highest quantity components, and crafts yacht systems that are designed to be trouble-free and long-lasting. ProJekt follows ABYC guidelines and practises in all aspects of boat design and construction to ensure that the highest standards are adhered to in producing the best built boats on the market.

The Paint

Perfect Execution

ProJekt Boatworks delivers the best-painted catamarans in their class by following Coastal Craft’s proven yacht painting practices, while working under the guidance and watchful eye of the Coastal Craft team. With such a high degree of fairing and paint depth and gloss, most people will not recognize them as aluminum boats.

Coastal Craft has earned a sterling reputation in painting aluminum boats over the past twenty-five years. Under this strong guidance, ProJekt Boatworks aims to redefine excellence in this field.

Fit & Finish

The Difference

To transform raw materials into an exceptional boat or yacht takes expertise, hard work, and rigorous attention to detail. Some of these details are obvious when you step aboard, but many more are out of sight, deep in the foundation of the craft. ProJekt cuts no corners in making sure that every element of their craft, even if it’s invisible to the untrained eye, is built and finished to the highest standard.

Whether it’s the hull, decks and superstructure assembly, the insulation practises, the yacht fairing processes, the electrical and mechanical foundations or the joinery material selections, it’s the out-of-sight details that make all the difference to how a vessel will stand up over twenty or thirty years. These are the things that represent true value and help brands establish their reputation for all around quality, reliability and longevity.